White and Rosé Wines

White and Rosé Wines

Thiasos Dry White

Thiasos White PGI


Region: Peloponnese
Grape Variety: Roditis / Moschofilero
Producer: Thiasos

A modern take on a Greek classic. This is an intriguing and delicately perfumed blend of the Roditis and Moschofilero grapes from the Peloponnese peninsula. A spicy, textural combination of refreshing acidity and weighty balance; a revelation.

Faré Dry White

Faré Dry Whie


Region: Messinia
Grape Variety: Roditis /Fileri / Assirtiko / Chardonnay
Producer: Inomessiniaki

A harmonious blend of carefully selected varieties from semi mountainous Messinia – a region in Southern Greece: Roditis, Fileri, Assirtiko and Chardonnay. Exclusive, full of light, with delicate character, lively colour and fruity aromatic bouquet. Served chilled and pairs well with fish, seafood, cheese and salads.

Faré Mantinia Appellation of Origin ‘Mantinia’ of Superior Quality Dry White

Faré Mantinia


Region: Mantinia
Grape Variety: Moschofilero
Producer: Inomessiniaki

Moschofilero, a unique grape variety originates from the V.Q.P.R.D. ‘Mantinia’ – a region in the central Peloponnese – produces a delightful wine, with an extraordinary bouquet of flowers and fresh fruits. The careful vinification gave to this brilliant wine a splendid character, with a demanding and at the same time fertile taste. Served chilled at 10°C pairs well with white meat, pasta, cheese and fruits.

Anima Chardonnay Dry White

Anima Chardonnay


Region: Messinia
Grape Variety: Chardonnay
Producer: Inomessiniaki

The renowned Chardonnay cultivated on the fertile semi-mountainous land of Pylia in Messinia near Ionian Sea – a region where vineyards have been cultivated ever since ancient times – generously liberates the unique aromas and taste of the variety. This exceptional wine is stored in brand new oak barrels so as to ensure its noble character and long lasting fruity finish, maintaining at the same time its freshness. Served chilled at 12°C and accompanies well sea food and fish.

Manolesakis Exis Dry White

Manolesakis Exis


Region: Drama
Grape Variety: Malagousia / Assyrtiko
Producer: Manolesakis

An enticing wine with ginger spice combined with peaches, fresh and creamy. The combination of Malagousia and Assyrtiko results in a bright yellow colour with a rich distinctive aromatic character, tasting fresh with zesty and balanced acidity.

Lykos Panselinos Dry White

Lykos Panselinos


Grape Variety: Sauvignon Blanc
Producer: Lykos

The wine has a bright yellow-green colour and there is the scent of pears and citrus fruit together with a hint of mango and melon. This wine is excellent with fish and shellfish.

Biblia Chora Ovilos White

Biblia Chora Ovilos


Grape Variety:Semillon / Assyrtiko
Producer: Biblia

The wine has an attractive yellow colour and has a delicate aroma of apricot and honey. It is further complimented by subtle hints of vanilla and nuts.

Faré Dry Rosé

Faré Rosé


Region: Messinia
Grape Variety: Grenache, Fokianos
Producer: Inomessiniaki

A charming wine with floral scent, bright colour and soft taste. It is produced from the careful vinification of the splendid varieties from mountainous Messinia – a region in Southern Greece – Grenache Rouge and Fokianos. Best served at 12°C, accompanies fish, white meat, cheese and pasta.

Faré Retsina

Faré Retsina


Region: Messinia
Grape Variety: Retsina
Producer: Inomessiniaki

The traditional wine of Greece. A delightful combination of grape aromas and pine resin. Served chilled at 10-12 C.

Ambelicious Retsina (18 x50cl)

Ambelicious Retsina


Region: Macedonia
Grape variety: Savvatiano
Producer: Georgiadis Bros

Full bodied, mature aromas of vanilla with a discreet hind of resin.